Dak Manuel Delia veru aħdar

2021-03-14T09:23:16+01:00Sun, 14th Mar '21, 09:20|

If this is what they mean by chilling effect, this morning I’m feeling the shudder. In 2019, Yorgen Fenech was known as the owner of 17 Black and therefore the man behind one of the Dubai companies that Brian Tonna’s Nexia BT told Panama’s Mossack Fonseca would be paying $5,000 a day to Hearnville and [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: A point of view

2021-03-14T08:14:51+01:00Sun, 14th Mar '21, 08:14|

From my article in The Sunday Times: "I have written about David Gatt, about Chris Cardona, about Keith Schembri. They can’t have liked what I wrote about them and they’re roaming free without a realistic prospect of that condition changing. Is someone 10 metres away from me, watching me as I write this by my home [...]

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