Someone at KullĦadd has a crush on me

2021-03-07T08:27:52+01:00Sun, 7th Mar '21, 08:27|

While I was protesting in Valletta last Monday, my wife, who was at home making tea for the children, had a minor problem. She wanted to know if I had defrosted the bag of frozen chicken drumsticks that she asked me to take out of the freezer that morning because they sure as hell weren't [...]

The empire strikes back

2021-03-07T08:04:17+01:00Sun, 7th Mar '21, 08:04|

I'm linking here an important point that journalist Victor Paul Borg posted yesterday. After that immortal press conference by Robert Abela when he huffed and he puffed and tried to blow journalists down, lashing out back at 'nasty' questioning, complaining of dizziness and of being made to work when he felt he wasn't supposed to, [...]

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