National unity on their terms

2021-03-06T14:42:21+01:00Sat, 6th Mar '21, 14:33|

On the day we find out that the government has started a process to ban Repubblika, Christoph Schweiger on Twitter puts up a very pertinent observation about one of the speakers the president of Malta chose to preach national unity a few days ago. The gentleman concerned is Mr Mario Fava. Follow this thread. This [...]

Calling writers, poets and journalists

2021-03-06T14:27:39+01:00Sat, 6th Mar '21, 14:27|

A group of seven professionals working in myriad capacities within the literary and journalistic fields in Malta is inviting writers, editors, journalists, bloggers, publishers, academics, artists, and activists to a public meeting being held online on Zoom on Saturday 13 March 2021 from 10:00 onwards. The meeting will be the first of two intended to [...]

Government in legal bid to ban Repubblika

2021-03-07T15:16:52+01:00Sat, 6th Mar '21, 14:20|

In yet another attack on democracy, the regulator of NGOs, wrote to Repubblika accusing the NGO of working for private interests, over-spending and acting as a propagandist for a political party. He included as evidence articles written by committee members of Repubblika and the fact that Repubblika made submissions to the inquiry investigating the killing [...]

Unheard monologues

2021-03-06T08:43:29+01:00Sat, 6th Mar '21, 08:30|

Photo: Daryl Cauchi Herman Grech’s play They Blew Her Up is about the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. It’s playing at the upstairs square theatre of St James Cavalier and seating was spread out for social distancing making it an up close, silent, emotional affair. The grim set orbited a jumble of metal [...]

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