We’ve crossed the point where people no longer wait for the government’s instructions

2021-03-11T16:46:51+01:00Wed, 10th Mar '21, 15:56|

I can't imagine this gives pleasure to anyone but with the exception of the ever-loyal trolls, no one has any confidence left that the government's instructions and actions are of any use in fighting the covid pandemic. This is a catastrophic state of affairs. Consider how the president of the doctor's union is telling people [...]

Repubblika briefs embassies about government attempt to shut it down

2021-03-10T14:51:47+01:00Wed, 10th Mar '21, 14:51|

Pro-democracy NGO Repubblika gave ambassadors and heads of mission accredited to Malta today copies of the charges it received from the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations and its reply. In a memorandum to embassies, Repubblika's President Robert Aquilina said the NGO "we vehemently deny all these charges even as we underline the fact that we have [...]

Government abandons plans for prison-ship

2021-03-10T14:37:42+01:00Wed, 10th Mar '21, 14:37|

Photo: https://manueldelia.com/2020/06/government-considering-allowing-captain-morgan-prisoners-on-land-by-21-june/ A Home Ministry spokesperson confirmed to this website today that the government has abandoned plans to hire a ship on which to detain migrants rescued in Malta’s search and rescue area outside territorial waters instead of bringing rescued people ashore. Plans for an off-shore prison-ship were firmed up last July when [...]

Doctors “gravely concerned” for Malta’s health system

2021-03-10T13:42:56+01:00Wed, 10th Mar '21, 13:42|

Doctors said in a statement today they are gravely concerned about the current situation our health system is in. "The massive spike in the number of new infections has, as expected, translated into a surge in the number of patients requiring intensive care. Over the past 24 hours, the fifth intensive care unit has been [...]

Conditions in migrant detention centres amount to “inhuman and degrading treatment” – Council of Europe

2021-03-10T13:24:59+01:00Wed, 10th Mar '21, 13:24|

The Council of Europe’s Committee to Prevent Torture received allegations of deliberate physical ill-treatment by police officers and or detention facility staff of apprehended or detained migrants. The Committee also received allegations concerning excessive use of force by Detention Service staff and private security staff at Lyster Barracks. At least three migrants alleged that the [...]

STAR COMMENT: Who’s reading this?

2021-03-10T09:46:56+01:00Wed, 10th Mar '21, 09:46|

I realise this is self-referential almost to the point of bragging, but thank you Jason Farrugia. The comment was uploaded under the asset recovery post of this morning. Jason Farrugia: All these articles and arguments make perfect sense, and I couldn't applaud you more for the way you eloquently put facts and your opinions about [...]

While he learns from his mistakes.

2021-03-10T09:40:38+01:00Wed, 10th Mar '21, 09:40|

The country is bracing itself for the announcement of a fresh record of covid infections. We are now somewhere at a rate of infections which is proportionately about 10 times as high as the UK. They have considerably stricter restrictions there and their health authorities continue to advise caution. The pattern is repeated in other [...]

Asset recovery? You must be joking.

2021-03-10T08:13:12+01:00Wed, 10th Mar '21, 08:13|

In the series of frantic box-ticking to convince Moneyval that Malta has transformed itself from a Bacchanalian pirate bay into a sin-free theocracy, Edward Zammit Lewis yesterday unveiled drawings for a glorified warehouse where the government intends to store luxury goods taken from criminals who bought them spending proceeds from their illicit activities. Times of [...]

What happens to Monica Vella now?

2021-03-10T07:50:38+01:00Wed, 10th Mar '21, 07:50|

Monica Vella, first left, on the day of her appointment to the bench with Joe Mifsud. Giovanni Grixti and Myriam Hayman were made judges on the same day. A few days ago, we watched all bemused as the police charged the persons they believe are responsible for the deaths of two tourists decapitated [...]

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