Gaming industry laments “loss of business, impact on reputation” because of corruption and collusion

2021-03-27T09:36:08+01:00Sat, 27th Mar '21, 09:36|

Major gaming industry players published a statement today “stressing the need for clear and decisive action to ensure that justice is done and any guilty parties are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” They were commenting on “events, accusations and criminal charges being levied in Malta” over the past few years, and in [...]

Heart of Gold

2021-03-27T08:13:13+01:00Sat, 27th Mar '21, 08:13|

Ian Castaldi Paris thinks it’s unfair that a Facebook post he wrote two years ago giving a metaphorical public blow job to Keith Schembri is being circulated again now, as if he had just written it. He doesn’t get it, does he? Two years ago, he wrote that post to defend his beloved Keith Schembri [...]

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