GUEST POST: The attack by the Commissioner for NGOs against Repubblika is unheard of in the civilised world.

2021-03-16T21:46:06+01:00Tue, 16th Mar '21, 21:46|

We did have similar types of repressions during the Mintoff and Mifsud Bonnici dictatorial eras. We all thought that those days were past in Malta. Even with the disgusting economic crimes and mafia-like administration of today going as far as to try to eliminate the voice of civil society is a step too far. After [...]

It is time for Minister Carmelo Abela to make a statement

2021-03-16T16:47:06+01:00Tue, 16th Mar '21, 14:09|

Vince Muscat this morning told an open court that Chris Cardona and another minister currently in office helped him and other accomplices of his gang in a major crime they were involved in. The police were unlikely surprised to hear Vince Muscat say this today. A Times of Malta report last November had already indicated [...]

Surely now, Chris Cardona has a case to answer

2021-03-16T13:03:22+01:00Tue, 16th Mar '21, 13:00|

The police must tell us if Chris Cardona is the subject of a criminal investigation into a separate plot to kill Daphne Caruana Galizia. In court we heard Vincent Muscat give detailed evidence in reply to questions put to him by the Caruana Galizia family lawyer Jason Azzopardi, and in several points corroborated by other [...]

Other people the American Embassy could have nominated for their anti-corruption award

2021-03-16T12:40:24+01:00Tue, 16th Mar '21, 12:38|

The American Embassy in Malta announced their nominee for the US State Department’s award for the person with outstanding achievements in the fight against corruption. Some people that could have been on their short list are: Peter Grech, Ian Abdilla, Kenneth Farrugia, Silvio Valletta, Owen Bonnici, Edward Zammit Lewis, Aaron Bugeja, Anġlu Farrugia, Mario Cutajar, [...]

Is Zammit Lewis taking classes from Musumeci?

2021-03-16T12:40:40+01:00Tue, 16th Mar '21, 11:59|

Edward Zammit Lewis mocked objections to the changes he is proposing to the law that is supposed to provide clarification to the Constitution but will instead turn the Constitution on its head. First, some background. The issue here is about fines imposed by administrative authorities which in respect of money laundering can be hefty. So [...]

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