Look up Crane

2021-03-29T13:45:45+02:00Mon, 29th Mar '21, 13:40|

Given the evidence the police presented against Keith Schembri on the imbroglio at Progress Press, it would be irresponsible for the police and other institutions like the National Audit Office not to look deep into what happened with Crane Currency. It’s not that Keith Schembri’s fingerprints were discovered on that deal. He’s its acknowledged meister. [...]

Does Robert Abela think we work for him?

2021-03-29T11:58:30+02:00Mon, 29th Mar '21, 11:58|

At a speech yesterday Robert Abela said he ordered the termination of the contract Justyne Caruana secured for her “friend” Daniel Bogdanovic as soon as news of the contract emerged in the media. This reminds me of one of Robert Abela’s first acts: ordering the termination of the contract the tourism authority gave Konrad Mizzi [...]

PODCAST: Choosing between injustices

2021-03-29T13:59:13+02:00Mon, 29th Mar '21, 11:21|

Manuel Delia · Choosing Between Injustices This country needs to learn the truth and the only reliable sources are a bunch of amoral liars. Alfred and George Degiorgio were people one would turn to if one needed someone killed. Vince Muscat was someone killers or bank robbers turned to when they needed a grunt. Melvyn [...]

GUEST POST: Bob’s your uncle

2021-03-29T09:10:09+02:00Mon, 29th Mar '21, 09:08|

Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina / Times of Malta When that affront to politics and politicians Joseph Muscat returned to Malta to set up his so-called “movement” a friend of mine quipped “the only good movement is a bowel movement”. He was right. Joseph Muscat did not set up a movement. He set up [...]

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