Sleep tight tonight Karl Cini

2021-03-20T19:13:28+01:00Sat, 20th Mar '21, 19:13|

People saw Karl Cini weeping in court today when he realised he's going to be sleeping, if at all, within fart-smelling distance of Yorgen Fenech. It's funny that he seems to be the only one not to have seen this coming. Tomorrow ask to speak to the police and tell them all you know. It's [...]

Mediocrities everywhere

2021-03-20T15:35:14+01:00Sat, 20th Mar '21, 15:35|

Look at this. Some politicians are trying to understand the direction in which the crowd is running so they can chase it, stand before it and lead it. I called out Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando later for realising only today that Keith Schembri was up to no good. He had the benefit of Daphne Caruana Galizia's [...]

Where streets have names

2021-03-20T14:14:35+01:00Sat, 20th Mar '21, 14:14|

Perhaps in response to Chris Cardona's creativity, here's another imaginary street name. After all the Kink Joseph the Great ran the government that's in the dock today.  

Chris Cardona is watching Keith Schembri’s fate

2021-03-20T11:58:06+01:00Sat, 20th Mar '21, 11:58|

On a WhatsApp group chat of Labour Party loyalists, Chris Cardona posted this image this morning. It's not just that it's Simon Busuttil birthday today. It's that some time this afternoon, it would seem, Simon Busuttil's "empty" boxes of evidence filed in 2017, will be kick-starting the prosecution of a criminal gang that took possession [...]

Remember the innocent victims of the mafia

2021-03-20T11:35:46+01:00Sat, 20th Mar '21, 11:35|

On the 21st of March, on the first day of every spring, the Italian anti-mafia NGO Libera marks the day of memory of innocent victims of mafia organisations. The initiative started from the pain of a mother of one of the victims of the Capaci massacre. His name was not mentioned in the initial reporting. [...]

After hours Damascus

2021-03-20T10:55:18+01:00Sat, 20th Mar '21, 10:55|

Here's Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando abandoning the Keith Schembri's ship as it sinks. Think of how many times he called us liars and traitors, how many times he asked us for "the proof", how many times he insulted us, how he attacked protesters calling for the institutions to catch up with Keith Schembri, how he denounced [...]

Here’s some background reading while you wait

2021-03-20T10:50:56+01:00Sat, 20th Mar '21, 10:33|

A series of people are showing up at the police’s economic crimes office for what is reportedly a last session of interrogations before they’re arraigned in court with charges of money laundering and related crimes. I do not have visibility of the charges but it appears by all accounts, including the account of the chief [...]

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