Repubblika calls for Anġlu Farrugia to quit

2021-03-05T07:08:56+01:00Thu, 4th Mar '21, 13:50|

In a statement this afternoon Repubblika referred to the hard-hitting letter that standards czar George Hyzler sent earlier today to Speaker Anġlu Farrugia. The exchange followed the suppression of George Hyzler's conclusions that Joseph Muscat acted unethically when his thugs detained journalists in Castille on 29 November 2019. "It's clear to us that the Speaker [...]


2021-03-04T13:40:06+01:00Thu, 4th Mar '21, 13:40|

The video of Robert Abela announcing we’d all be running come March made the rounds before today’s inevitable announcement of restrictive measures to try to rein in the rates of contagion from the covid disease. Even the most ambivalent and terminally unconcerned gasped at daily rates of infection of over 300. Deaths are creeping up [...]

George Hyzler chides Anġlu Farrugia: decision to censor Joseph Muscat ethics-breach report was illegal and baseless

2021-03-04T13:07:27+01:00Thu, 4th Mar '21, 13:07|

George Hyzler, Commissioner for Standards in Public Life, told Speaker Anġlu Farrugia he had no authority to dismiss the Commissioner’s report that found Joseph Muscat breached ethics when he locked journalists up in Castille in 2019. Commissioner Hyzler complained the Speaker never asked him what he thought about such a decision. “I would have expressed [...]

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