Wanted: A Minister who hasn’t robbed a bank

2021-03-17T17:02:37+01:00Wed, 17th Mar '21, 17:02|

Issa sew. Robert Abela yesterday said he wanted to clear the air after Vince Muscat told a court a sitting Minister helped him and his gang execute a criminal act. The working theory is that Vince Muscat was referring to the 2010 HSBC bank heist and that Carmelo Abela, then an MP, now a Minister, [...]

We all love Keith Schembri then

2021-03-17T17:06:36+01:00Wed, 17th Mar '21, 15:06|

The general line I try to take is to ignore people like Christian Grima. It didn’t start that way. When he first came back from wherever he was, I thought his motivations were genuine. On that basis I reacted to things he said that did not make sense to me. Then I regretted my reaction. [...]

Whose boss are you anyway?

2021-03-17T09:39:29+01:00Wed, 17th Mar '21, 09:39|

Right. A witness for the prosecution tells an open court that a sitting minister helped out his gang in a criminal action. I suggested yesterday he may have been referring to the 2010 HSBC heist and to Minister Carmelo Abela who at the time was an Opposition MP and a Manager at HSBC. Predictably, microphones [...]

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