GUEST POST: Truth was on our side

2021-03-31T17:58:39+02:00Wed, 31st Mar '21, 17:58|

Manuel asked me for my personal account of how I witnessed the tumultous events leading to the arraignment of Joseph Muscat's right-hand man and a group of his associates-in-crime on March 20. I did tell him that I could never write it as well as he could. But he insisted and I could not decline, [...]

A police state. Not the good kind.

2021-03-31T10:41:50+02:00Wed, 31st Mar '21, 10:41|

Life as a community is not just about home and work. It’s not just about money, even the money we spend paying those who charge us for our entertainment. Life in a community is about doing together things for their own sake. Think about people who volunteer some of their time to help the needy [...]

Knock it off the front page

2021-03-31T09:55:39+02:00Wed, 31st Mar '21, 09:55|

It’s a quick hop, skip and a jump to the next general elections. Labour will win if it keeps people distracted long enough. For those with misgivings about all the crime and corruption, the message is that Labour has turned the page. It won’t convince everyone. But it doesn’t have to. It only needs to [...]

Another gun to our head

2021-03-31T09:31:33+02:00Wed, 31st Mar '21, 09:31|

William Cuschieri, the lawyer for iċ-Ċiniż and il-Fulu, charged with killing Daphne Caruana Galizia, circulated a statement by his clients this morning announcing that “they are prepared to say the whole truth”. They repeated the contents of their letter to the president demanding immunity so they testify against sitting and former government ministers they say [...]

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