How we dropped our guard against corruption

2021-03-12T20:59:49+01:00Fri, 12th Mar '21, 20:59|

Earlier today I spoke at a seminar organised jointly between Repubblika and the Ragusa chapter of Italian anti-mafia NGO Libera. This was my intervention. Malta has always had to be creative about finding ways of making money. The most remarkable thing about it is that it is small. And crowded. Primary resources are inexistent and manufacturing [...]

GUEST POST: Our ‘U Ejja’ culture

2021-03-12T20:54:42+01:00Fri, 12th Mar '21, 20:54|

Filed by someone I know. Having served as a senior public officer in political office both under the Fenech Adami and the Gonzi administrations, the current situation in the country makes me even more frustrated than many. What we are witnessing across the board is the way the culture of ‘u ejja’ has permeated every [...]

Who’s the partisan lackey now?

2021-03-12T11:26:43+01:00Fri, 12th Mar '21, 11:26|

Anthony Abela Medici, commissioner for voluntary organisations, is moving to ban Repubblika. One of the trumped up charges he came up with is that Repubblika is essentially a front for a political party. One presumes he has the Nationalist Party in mind. Except for inveterate watchers of One TV and exclusive admirers of KullĦadd's cartoonist [...]

TIMES OF MALTA: PM, we will not be silenced

2021-03-12T08:27:36+01:00Fri, 12th Mar '21, 08:27|

From a piece in today's Times I co-wrote with Alessandra Dee Crespo and Vicki Ann Cremona "You’ll be pleased to know then that we shall continue writing our articles and we shall continue levelling criticism where it needs to be addressed. We shall also continue offering our suggestions to make Malta a better place to [...]

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