Who’s Miriam Dalli complaining to?

2021-03-24T16:25:20+01:00Wed, 24th Mar '21, 16:22|

Miriam Dalli’s whataboutism would make Joseph Muscat proud. Probably does. She recalled when she was a “journalist” “investigating” “corruption” under the PN but “nothing happened” and those calling for justice now “close an eye or two”. She was not a journalist, but a propagandist. Investigation requires some basis in reality. John Rizzo’s police force investigated, [...]

Repubblika asks European Parliament to keep watch on Malta

2021-03-24T12:20:51+01:00Wed, 24th Mar '21, 12:20|

NGO Repubblika’s president Robert Aquilina told the European Parliament’s President David Sassoli today that “Malta’s struggle against the Mafia is a European fight” and urged the European Parliament “not to underestimate the continental scale of the challenge of organised crime.” “Mafia organisations exploit Europe’s freedoms to operate cross-border criminal activities whilst policing and law enforcement [...]

Does Ian Abdilla get another medal for this?

2021-03-24T11:49:06+01:00Wed, 24th Mar '21, 11:41|

A court has reprimanded the police for filing a shoddy case against Anthony Debono, husband of former Gozo minister Giovanna Debono. It was the case that was supposed to be the test bed for the then new whistleblower protection law. In 2015, the government gave immunity to a contractor who was claiming money from the [...]

Not under Gonzi

2021-03-24T10:55:06+01:00Wed, 24th Mar '21, 10:55|

The desperate caterwauling from the hymn book used by the Labour Party to spin itself out of the problems created for it by the detention on remand of of Keith Schembri, one of its most prominent leaders of the years 2008-2019, says that the Allied Newspapers scandal about which he is charged happened when Lawrence [...]

GUEST POST: And they stick their heads in the sand

2021-03-24T09:26:38+01:00Wed, 24th Mar '21, 09:26|

Ostriches do, thinking, if they think at all with their pea-sized brains, that once they see no one, nobody sees them. Apparently the Republican Party Congress men and women and Senators in the USA have Ostrich genes or pea-sized brains or both. Having lived through four years of lies, half-truths and denigration of the press [...]

A little extra on the side

2021-03-24T09:28:36+01:00Wed, 24th Mar '21, 09:14|

Justyne Caruana is recovering in hospital after feeling unwell. Lovin' Malta reported she was admitted after an overdose of legal medication. Press reports spoke of major commotion at the education department after a dispute arose about the ongoing controversy of a contract the department gave to retired footballer Daniel Bogdanovic.  The Minister is facing considerable backlash after [...]

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