From my article in The Sunday Times today:

“Zammit Lewis does not contest the facts. He can’t. Too many people have seen his exquisitely tender messages. But defending a person widely suspected to have bribed your colleagues while having a relationship with them behind the public’s back is not, Zammit Lewis insists, a resignation matter; not even if it turns out your friend may have killed a journalist to cover up the corruption you were defending.

“Zammit Lewis stays put. Robert Abela, who spoke at the same press conference to discredit the people asking for 17 Black to be investigated, keeps him there. Like Muscat kept Schembri and Mizzi. Exactly like that.

“The public inquiry found that Muscat’s decision to keep the two crooks in government was the central cause of the impunity that shielded the murderers. Abela does it again.”

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