The collapse of the erstwhile West-protected regime of Afghanistan has made it to the chatter on Maltese social media. Nothing like another excuse for instant just-add-water experts to regale us with their wisdom.

Well we can’t march onto Kabul, pacify Kandahar, smoke al Qaeda out of their pockets in the mountains, and bring democracy to Afghanistan. The US Army tried that and failed. Jesmond Borg and Karen Zammit armed with a couple of fake accounts on Is-Salott on Facebook are about as likely to succeed.

How about doing something useful instead? Let’s pledge safe passage and residence to journalists and Taliban-critics escaping Afghanistan. Let’s promise women and girls who manage to escape the clutches of those brutal men, shelter and settlement no matter which way they get here.

Let’s do more than pity those who hang on to the wheels of planes only to fall from a deadly height. Let’s give a home to some of those who manage to escape.

Talk’s cheap.

Photo: ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images