This is a post by Massimo Zammit, a self-declared fan of Labour Minister José Herrera. Someone has to be, so that’s not terrible in and of itself. Except that Massimo Zammit is CEO of Teatru Manoel, a government organisation that reports to José Herrera.

It is bad enough that Ministers hire cronies to run their department. It is even worse that José Herrera hired someone to run the national theatre who has absolutely no preceding qualification or experience in the business of running theatres, let alone national ones.

But it is expressly against the rules for people hired to work as civil servants to publicly endorse their Ministers as political candidates. The code of ethics for civil servants say they must “maintain political neutrality” and “ensure that any public comments made (including on social media) do not undermine public confidence in the impartiality of the public administration.”

In other words, if Massimo Zammit wants to endorse José Herrera like he does in his post, he should first resign and leave it up to the next Minister to hire him back if he’s still eligible. Ma tarax.