Look at this screenshot from Facebook. Scroll down for the explainer unless you don’t see my point in the picture before I even make it and follow that up with despair and moving on to the next reminder of, as the Maltese idiom puts it, what sort of people Christ died for.

Still don’t see it?

OK. So David Casa was quoted by Lovin Malta saying yesterday that Malta should provide shelter to people escaping Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

One Nicole Spiteri, doesn’t matter who she is, let’s call her someone who represents a certain prevalent point of view in our midst, tells David Casa in reply that if he thinks Ukrainian refugees should be given shelter he can keep them at his house. Because, you know, we don’t want our buses to be too crowded, or whatever reason she may have for her standard issue xenophobia.

The supreme irony here is that if you look closer at Nicole Spiteri’s profile she’s sporting the Ukrainian flag under her mug. That’s one of the temporary filters that come up on Facebook from time to time, in this case as a show of solidarity for the suffering of the Ukrainian people. Except Nicole Spiteri seems to think the flag is some fashion statement like this week’s way of painting your nails.

Edward Muscat comments in reply. He could have stopped at the facepalm emoji or sighed ‘ara għal min issallab Kristu’.

Don’t for a minute think this is in any way rare.