Repubblika statement this morning:

Repubblika will be holding a protest tonight Friday 25 February 2022 at 8 pm in front of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Triq Antonio Schembri, Kappara, San Gwann.

The protest is being held to appeal to the Russian authorities to immediately order the stoppage of the military invasion and aggression in the sovereign state of Ukraine and to order the Russian military forces back to Russia.
During the protest a message to the Russian authorities will be read out and delivered on behalf of all the Maltese of good will who desire peace rather than war.

We appeal to all those who want to join in delivering this message to stand with us tonight in this protest for peace. We also appeal to any organisation in Malta which promotes human rights and social justice.

Repubblika would like to make it clear to the Russian authorities that the Maltese of good will feel no ill will towards the Russian people or for the Russians who have made Malta their home. We condemn the ambition, greed and cruelty of those Russian rulers who think that they do not need to respect. international law and the obligation for mutual respect between neighbouring peoples.

The public is encouraged to bring candles and posters appealing for peace and solidarity with the Ukrainian people.