2017-10-23T11:17:14+01:00Mon, 23rd Oct '17, 11:17|

When the police removed the banner "Mafia State" unfurled on City Gate an hour before the protest march starting from there yesterday, they enacted in a highly significant and symbolic gesture the extent of the suppression of free speech we have reached. The police broke the fundamental precepts of our laws. They over-stepped their authority [...]

Oh the pettiness. The mediocrity.

2017-10-23T09:24:26+01:00Mon, 23rd Oct '17, 09:16|

So the local football federation could not bring itself to cancel Sunday's football fixtures in the wake of the political assassination that happened a few days before. But as a gesture of solidarity they had players unfurl a banner saying largely the right things. The club of sports reporters came out in condemnation of this [...]

For this is democracy

2017-10-22T22:30:59+01:00Sun, 22nd Oct '17, 22:30|

The spontaneous protest in front of the police headquarters this evening shows that in the midst of indifference and misguided loyalty to a corrupt regime, something real is stirring. This is the way big political changes start. With the example of the few. With focused and presently conscious steps. With the articulation of anger and [...]

And so it begins

2017-10-23T14:02:41+01:00Sun, 22nd Oct '17, 22:02|

Michael Briguglio, James Debono, Claudine Cassar and I were targeted today by the Labour Party media for standing up and expressing views that are in opposition to the politicians they protect. We stood on stage and gave witness to our commitment to continue Daphne Caruana Galizia's fight. For the Labour Party to expect  to hear [...]

ADDS VIDEO: From despair, hope

2018-02-21T20:26:02+01:00Sun, 22nd Oct '17, 20:46|

This is the speech I delivered today at the Civil Society Network demonstration this afternoon in Valletta. An English translation follows. If you were in Valletta today do please share you experience and photos or videos in the comments below. The photo with this post is by The Times' Matthew Mirabelli. Nixtieq nirringrazzja ‘l [...]

Former Maltese Prime Minister demands resignation of heads of failed institutions

2017-10-22T09:29:21+01:00Sun, 22nd Oct '17, 09:29|

The below article was published this morning on The Malta Independent on Sunday. An online version is not up at this time. Incredibly these strong words from a former prime minister were relegated by the newspaper to its twelfth page. Lawrence Gonzi again speaks clearly. Institutional chiefs must leave. Politicians must cut the platitudes and [...]


2017-10-22T10:33:50+01:00Sun, 22nd Oct '17, 08:37|

"But a dream ends on awakening, and sleep cannot be forced. Even as we shrug off the assassination of a journalist, the rest of the world has seen our mask of a paradise island drop and glimpsed the rot beneath." My article in The Sunday Times today.

The Sunday Times calls for Joseph Muscat to resign

2017-10-22T08:36:25+01:00Sun, 22nd Oct '17, 08:36|

In a hard hitting editorial today, The Sunday Times calls for Joseph Muscat to resign. "Ideally, the long and fraught process of change would start with a sacking and a resignation – the police chief, the Prime Minister. They are clearly not the ones to cleanse the country." Read the editorial here.

Malta bans Sicilian anti-Mafia Senator for calling on Joseph Muscat to resign

2017-10-21T23:23:09+01:00Sat, 21st Oct '17, 23:23|

The Maltese government has instructed the Italian government to drop Catanese Senator Mario Michele Giarruso from visiting Malta from Monday as part of a fact-finding mission of the Italian anti-mafia commission. Senator Mario Michele Giarruso called for Joseph Muscat's government's resignation for failing to protect the life of Daphne Caruana Galizia. And the Maltese government, [...]

Losing the trust of Europe

2017-10-21T21:45:01+01:00Sat, 21st Oct '17, 21:45|

The picture of Malta in European chancelleries and in the corridors of Brussels is now changing. The shock of the bombing of a journalist in an EU member state has raised the attention of even the most inveterate sympathisers of Malta within the EU. Yesterday's Financial Times (the online edition is by subscription so I [...]

GUEST POST: Thoughts since she was taken from us

2017-10-21T18:18:04+01:00Sat, 21st Oct '17, 18:18|

Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts and emotions at this time. We are finding solace in each other and out of despair perhaps hope will grow. Here are some reflections I received today. I am going through your many hundreds of messages and emails and I am sorry if sometimes it takes long [...]

LAWRENCE GONZI: It is the responsibility of all of us to do something about this sorry state of affairs.

2017-10-21T15:28:44+01:00Sat, 21st Oct '17, 15:27|

Please read Lawrence Gonzi's article in today's The Times. We are orphans. We are bereft of leaders, deprived of guidance from our political class. Whether because they are impenetrable under their marble cloak of smug self-assurance or because they are shivering at the precipice of a political abyss, our politicians are unwilling or unable to [...]

Justice with change

2017-10-21T13:48:39+01:00Sat, 21st Oct '17, 13:48|

Joseph Muscat offered to put down a million euro to reward information that leads to the conviction of those who pulled the trigger on the bomb that assassinated Daphne Caruana Galizia. His home affairs Minister said he gave the police a blank cheque to commit any resources they need to investigate her assassination. Matthew Caruana [...]

Unhelpful connections

2017-10-20T22:52:29+01:00Fri, 20th Oct '17, 22:52|

In 2015 Daphne Caruana Galizia published a story about links between then Birkirkara FC player Fabrizio Miccoli and the Sicilian Mafia. At the time Daphne Caruana Galizia published the story, the President of Birkirkara FC was Adrian Delia, now leader of the Nationalist Party. The story has today been confirmed when Fabrizio Miccoli was sentenced by [...]

San Anton School in solidarity with alumni Matthew, Andrew and Paul Caruana Galizia

2017-10-20T22:08:40+01:00Fri, 20th Oct '17, 20:40|

The Caruana Galizia boys went to San Anton School and the school has remembered them in their darkest hours and encouraged its students and parents, teachers, alumni and members of the school community to march before the Valletta demonstration this Sunday afternoon. It is encouraging to see educators lead by example and helping school children [...]

GUEST POST: The dystopian effect

2017-10-20T20:06:42+01:00Fri, 20th Oct '17, 20:06|

This piece is by a former journalist working in Malta: Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination this week brought back memories of my time as a journalist. Time when following the publication of a report, I would get abusive and threatening phone calls… unsigned letters – sometimes incomprehensible and in broken Maltenglish – full of rude and [...]