When they were still innocent

2017-11-09T21:39:24+01:00Thu, 9th Nov '17, 21:39|

Manwel Mallia and Owen Bonnici piloted the Whistleblower Act in July 2013 when the Labour government was still in its honeymoon and no one outside the walls of the prime minister’s studio knew about the Panama conspiracy. Back then Manwel Mallia and Owen Bonnici had not yet left the frame of mind of an opposition [...]

REPLY: Dr Alex Scerri Herrera

2017-11-09T21:02:55+01:00Thu, 9th Nov '17, 21:02|

The following reply was sent in by Dr Alex Scerri Herrera in response to an earlier post of mine. In the interest of fairness responses are not open to comments unless on points of fact. From Dr Alex Scerri Herrera I am writing to you with reference to the article you wrote referring to my appointment [...]

Translating Alfred Sant

2017-11-09T19:27:52+01:00Thu, 9th Nov '17, 19:27|

I feel it is my burdensome duty to attempt to translate Alfred Sant, first from the original Maltese to English and then from the what he says to what he means and in a round-about way to get to what it is that what he means, means. Timid translation from the original, penned by a [...]

If the state is hiding something, it probably means we should know what it is

2017-11-09T18:32:39+01:00Thu, 9th Nov '17, 18:32|

Here's David Casa reacting to Manwel Mallia's remarks earlier about hounding people who revealed information covered up by the government. No one thinks the agenda of a police investigation or people's medical records should be opened for public consumption. So let's not be childish and start confusing issues here. But the principle ought always to [...]

GUEST POST: Letter to the police chief

2017-11-09T17:51:45+01:00Thu, 9th Nov '17, 17:51|

I suppose it helps to periodically remind that 'guest post' means someone else (I know) wrote this: Letter to the Commissioner of Police Over the past days I was struck by the thought of the immense amount of pressure you must be experiencing. Having been brought up in a strong military environment, and having risen [...]

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