Junior College: The Cultural Revolution

2017-11-12T00:06:19+01:00Sat, 11th Nov '17, 23:52|

So sixth-formers have elected their new students council committee. Most of them have only left secondary school some five months ago. Around half of them have been in high school for a year. They are organised as Labour and Nationalist parties, coded as Pulse and SDM. I’d be a hypocrite if I said I thought [...]

Labour on the wrong damage-limitation mission

2017-11-11T22:20:20+01:00Sat, 11th Nov '17, 22:20|

Alfred Sant and Miriam Dalli are leading the charge to limit the undoubted damage expected from Tuesday's European Parliament debate in Strasbourg. The European Parliament is expected to find what we've known for years and Labour kept denying: that rule of law in Malta is ignored by its government and democracy is failing. You can [...]

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