The message the bombers sent

2017-11-25T21:56:07+01:00Sat, 25th Nov '17, 21:56|

Interviews carried today by London's The Times with Jonathan Ferris and Maria Efimova show just how whistle-blowers are made to feel by the government of this country. It is clear that the intimidation campaign against journalists in Malta, culminating in the explosive annihilation of Daphne Caruana Galizia, were addressed to sources who provide information to [...]

Disgraced former US immigration officer endorses sale of Malta’s passports

2017-11-25T22:31:39+01:00Sat, 25th Nov '17, 21:26|

Malta Today carried an endorsement of Malta’s passport scheme from a Peter Vincent, introduced to the reader as a lawyer at Thomson Reuters. With that brand name he is introduced as a respectable authority whose endorsement is clearly intended to improve the credibility of the due diligence process conducted by Identity Malta to vet people [...]

The government wants you to think the smuggler did it

2017-11-25T09:43:42+01:00Sat, 25th Nov '17, 09:43|

In spite of all the talk of leaving the investigations to run their course before pronouncing judgement, the government has had a theory about who killed Daphne Caruana Galizia and it has been briefing the international press on that theory with a nudge and a wink couching a cover-up as a genuine tip-off. But a [...]

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