While Rome burns …

2017-11-12T19:39:17+01:00Sun, 12th Nov '17, 19:39|

Here's Konrad Mizzi in London on the Instagram account of Charlotte Crosby. I had to google her name because I'm not entirely au fait with English reality TV. While the European Parliament squeals it does not understand how this man is still in office, for him these are truly l-aqwa żmien. Minister Konrad [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The change within

2017-11-12T09:51:17+01:00Sun, 12th Nov '17, 09:51|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: The call for national unity after her death is the ultimate insult. It is another characteristic attempt to plaster over the wounds she worked so hard to reveal, and for which she ended up giving her life. This is not the time to think like bees, circling [...]

L’Espresso: Parola d’ordine. Dimenticare Daphne (with English translation)

2017-11-12T09:44:34+01:00Sun, 12th Nov '17, 09:44|

My piece in today's L'Espresso. English translation below. The assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia in Malta sent shockwaves throughout the world. But not in most of Malta. After a few hours of inane platitudes from the political leaders the country mobilised again along its traditional bipolar lines. In her writings Daphne used to call them [...]


2017-11-12T09:05:31+01:00Sun, 12th Nov '17, 09:05|

Today’s illum publishes a ‘story’ by Saviour Balzan that is presented as exclusive and ground breaking but instead repeats a whitewash that has been known for months. The FIAU ‘found nothing’ when it concluded its investigations into Pilatus Bank. We knew that. Saviour Balzan reports with excitement that he is aware that in September 2016 [...]

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