GUEST POST: A tale of two bishops

2017-11-04T21:43:05+01:00Sat, 4th Nov '17, 21:43|

By an anonymous author known to me: Leaders. They are the glimmer of light that a community seeks in time of pitch black darkness. Indeed in the wake of a terrible tragedy for a nation even more terrible for a family that lost a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend leaders become a beacon [...]

Adrian Delia on his own assassination

2017-11-06T22:41:46+01:00Sat, 4th Nov '17, 21:25|

Adrian Delia sat to record a radio interview with Andrew Azzopardi yesterday. It was broadcast earlier today. This is not an easy time for the PN leader though you would not think that from his tone on the interview today. He sounds as supremely confident as ever. I will not review the interview. As he [...]

More political appointments that threaten human rights

2017-11-04T16:36:13+01:00Sat, 4th Nov '17, 16:36|

Yesterday I wrote how a tribunal set up by law to review administrative decisions on immigrants was stuffed with political appointees close to the government. I argued how their proximity to the government (they are spouses, nephews, exes, and children of government Ministers and Labour party grandees) cancels the distance needed between the executive and [...]

Alberto Vannucci: Corruption kills another free voice

2017-11-04T09:41:38+01:00Sat, 4th Nov '17, 09:41|

Read this editorial on Il Fatto Quotidiano by Alberto Vannucci. Some choice quotes: "The lesson taught by Massimo Carminati is universal: 'the world of the living and the world of the dead' unavoidably meet, because in the 'world in the middle people on the surface landscape need someone from the underworld to things for them [...]

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