Pana Committee report: damning criticism of Malta

2017-11-08T17:15:55+01:00Wed, 8th Nov '17, 17:12|

The Pana Committee setup by the European Parliament in the wake of the Panama Paper leak, has published its final report and it makes chilling reading from Malta’s point of view. There is nothing we did not know before but it is now a clear and present indictment by a specialist committee of the European [...]

Freudian slip

2017-11-08T16:10:34+01:00Wed, 8th Nov '17, 16:10|

Watch this video of Owen Bonnici speaking to Le Monde. It's in English. And they say government's critics are making Malta look bad in the eyes of the world. And it's not just that he lets slip he thinks politicians killed Daphne Caruana Galizia. It's also that he argues, expecting that argument to be bought by [...]

They investigate themselves!

2017-11-08T16:02:01+01:00Wed, 8th Nov '17, 16:02|

Is it just me that cannot understand the way things work in this country? Hear me out. On 3 November, 5 days ago, Il Sole 24 Ore reports in Italy that the Catania tax police believe that a Malta Foreign Ministry official aided and abetted the illegal smuggling of diesel from Libya to Europe by [...]

What #occupyjustice told the prime minister

2017-11-08T13:53:57+01:00Wed, 8th Nov '17, 13:53|

This is the statement the women received by the prime minister today, told him in his office in Castille. A translation in English follows beneath. Prim Ministru, Ninsabu hawn għax il-qagħda f’pajjiżna hi ddisprata. Wieħed jista jipprova jqis l-assassinju ta’ Daphne Caruana Galizia qisu kien omiċidju bħall-oħrajn, imma dan m’hux minnu. Hu dmir [...]

When hypocrisy is transparent

2017-11-08T08:58:47+01:00Wed, 8th Nov '17, 08:58|

Jean Claude Micallef is not famous for his consistency. He flipflopped between Labour and the PN according to where he thought his chances for career progression were better served. The PN first received him as parties habitually welcome sheep lost by the other side. But as his oily sleaze ran up the creeped-out collective spines [...]

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