University investigated Joe Mifsud for financial irregularities

2017-11-13T15:52:26+01:00Mon, 13th Nov '17, 14:44|

Financial investigations were ordered by the University of Malta into alleged malpractice and financial misconduct by Joe Mifsud, the “Mystery Professor” currently being named in connection with investigations into alleged Russian interference in the last US presidential elections. Ten days after I first asked them, the University of Malta has finally replied to questions regarding [...]

GUEST POST: Reflections four weeks on

2017-11-13T13:56:39+01:00Mon, 13th Nov '17, 13:56|

By a regular contributor to this site: Four weeks have dragged by.... A tortuous, arduous month since Daphne's assassination rocked Malta, Europe, and the furthest corners of the globe. I keep pondering why this had to happen, searching for solace, but instead I find myself even more enraged, ravaged, empty. A sea of convoluted thoughts [...]


2017-11-13T13:50:49+01:00Mon, 13th Nov '17, 06:24|

Mr Kenneth Ciappara, whoever he is, posts on Karol Aquilina’s Facebook wall, and sums up the thinking of the little man in such a stark and erudite manner that it cannot go unremarked. My translation follows. Translation: One would have to admit Mr Aquilina that we the people know that there is all sort of [...]

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