Prime ministerial product placement

2017-11-22T19:10:29+01:00Wed, 22nd Nov '17, 19:10|

It's now been going on since 2013. Daphne Caruana Galizia had first spotted it in the Presidential fun run of 2013 after the important of The North Face brand advertised the fact they were 'advising' Michelle Muscat on sportswear. At the presidential fun run of this year Joseph Muscat again dodged the charity t-shirt and [...]

Caruana Galizia family report Prime Minister’s staffer for stalking Daphne the day before she was killed

2017-11-22T17:08:40+01:00Wed, 22nd Nov '17, 14:04|

Daphne Caruana Galizia's husband and three sons have filed a police report accusing Neville Gafà of stalking their mother the day before she was assassinated in a car explosion. In a formal criminal complaint (known as kwerela), the Caruana Galizia family reported how on 15 October 2017 between 1pm and 4pm, Neville Gafa and or [...]

Maltese company allegedly fronting for organised criminals exhibiting at gaming fair

2017-11-22T13:46:26+01:00Wed, 22nd Nov '17, 13:46|

Medialive Casino, named by Florence prosecutors for receiving takings from illegal gaming parlours operated throughout Italy by organised crime, is exhibiting at the Sigma gaming conference convening this week in Ta' Qali. I wrote on Medialive Casino on November 16th after Il Fatto Quotidiano interviewed Giuseppe Creazzo, chief prosecutor in Florence, who expressed frustration the [...]

Magistrate reprimands Judge

2017-11-22T13:52:33+01:00Wed, 22nd Nov '17, 13:19|

It is rare for a Magistrate to criticise a lawyer's argument on behalf of their client as "incredible and inconceivable" and a "malicious attempt to avoid responsibility". It is even rarer for this to happen when that lawyer has in the meantime been appointed a Judge. The Times and Malta Today reported a court decision [...]

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