Italian police believe Maltese Ministry official falsified documents to aid diesel trafficking – Il Sole 24 Ore

2017-11-06T23:32:15+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '17, 23:32|

Italian business daily Il Sole 24 Ore reports that Catanese Guardia di Finanza believes a Maltese foreign office official has falsified certificates of origin to allow diesel from Libya to be illegally inserted in the Italian and European fuel market. The newspaper owned by the Italian federation of employers reports that "a network of friendships in [...]

The Shift News

2017-11-06T19:58:21+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '17, 19:58|

Please join me in welcoming The Shift News to the media scene in Malta. It's a new day for independent journalism in Malta, free of the shackles of partisan spin and the pressures of corporatism. It looks like the effort Malta needs most right now given the enormous gap left by Daphne Caruana Galizia's untimely [...]

REPLY: Dr Juliana Scerri Ferrante

2017-11-06T19:06:45+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '17, 19:06|

The following reply was sent in by Dr Juliana Scerri Ferrante in response to an earlier post of mine. I am obviously happy to carry responses by people mentioned in my post particularly on matters of fact. In the interest of fairness responses are not open to comments unless again on points of fact. From [...]

We happy few

2017-11-07T13:10:53+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '17, 16:30|

Hundreds of people gathered yesterday evening in front of the Police Headquarters called there by the civil society network to demand justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia, her family and the country. After the two large demonstrations in Valletta and Sliema the previous Sundays this was a more focused affair. Malta has very little tradition of [...]

Cooking Islands

2017-11-06T13:54:30+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '17, 13:54|

A month ago tomorrow Malta established diplomatic relations with the Cook Islands. If you were not too familiar with them before now, you'll be hearing more about these sparse 15 islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a population the size of Birżebbuġa. The Paradise Papers published yesterday by the ICIJ show the [...]

The boys and girls in blue

2017-11-06T15:04:53+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '17, 13:23|

The courtesy, professionalism and admirable seriousness of the police men and women providing safety and security at yesterday’s civil society sit-in protest in front of headquarters was something to behold. The policemen there gave protesters protection and ensured the crowd had the space to make its voice heard. This is even more significant when one [...]

It is now a fight for fundamental rights

2017-11-06T10:33:58+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '17, 10:33|

For a government that prides itself of a trail-blazing law to protect whistle blowers, its behaviour with people who do blow whistles is particularly galling. The woman who spoke up about misdeeds in Pilatus Bank was hounded out of the country. The cooperation of the Attorney General Peter Grech to ensure she had the passport [...]

Gozitan Labour grandee calls Malta’s archbishop an interfering clown

2017-11-06T09:21:58+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '17, 09:21|

Split admiration for the episcopal conference seems to be aligning effectively along partisan lines. The Archbishop of Malta's Charles Scicluna's authoritative moral guidance during the crisis of the weeks since the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia is being loudly criticised by Labour trolls, led by Labour grandees who have opened fire on one of their [...]

GUEST POST: Gozo bishop has two masters – Rome and Castille

2017-11-06T00:20:39+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '17, 00:20|

An earlier guest post criticised Gozo Bishop Mario Grech for being oddly tepid after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. A curia insider wrote the below guest blog post in reaction. It seems there's more internal politics that needs to be understood if a proper analysis of Bishop Grech's odd behaviour is to be arrived [...]

Paradise Papers

2017-11-06T16:16:09+01:00Mon, 6th Nov '17, 00:02|

The International Consortium of Independent Journalists, Pulitzer awardees after their Panama leaks two years ago, have tonight released over 13 million documents revealing further evidence of senior political figures allegedly laundering illicit earnings through banana jurisdictions, including Malta. The spotlight on Malta as a cover for corrupt politicians and evil dictators now shines even brighter. [...]

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