LISTEN: The Ferris Tapes (Part 1) (updated with transcript)

2017-11-27T09:58:00+01:00Sun, 26th Nov '17, 21:33|

I interviewed Jonathan Ferris about his experience investigating corruption and money laundering at the Police and the FIAU from which he was summarily dismissed. In this first part of the interview, Jonathan Ferris speaks of direct Ministerial interference in police investigations and of resource starvation for investigations into crimes committed by high profile people in [...]

More Mossack Fonseca files passing to the Malta police: we should have an independent inquiry

2017-11-26T20:48:04+01:00Sun, 26th Nov '17, 19:54|

Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports the German federal procesutor is passing to the Malta police all information connected to Malta in some 3 terabytes of data from Mossack Fonseca servers purchased from an unknown source and leaked separately earlier in 2017, over a year after the ICIJ leaked the Panama Papers. The Munich prosecutor spent 2 million [...]

Tendering for government work is beneath the dignity of Labour Party officials

2017-11-26T19:04:35+01:00Sun, 26th Nov '17, 19:04|

William Lewis, Segretarju Organizzattiv of the Labour Party, and recently commissioned by direct order for government works in Birżebbuġa is a veteran beneficiary of architectural engagements of government work without the bother of a competitive process to allow others better than him at the job a chance to make an offer. The quality of his [...]


2017-11-26T09:31:05+01:00Sun, 26th Nov '17, 09:31|

From my The Sunday Times article today: "As with the counter-intuitive Brexit vote, the institutional collapse in Kenya, the breakdown of the Opposition in Grenada and other micro-States, explanations of the political realities of Malta on the back of conventional voting behaviour analyses are becoming insufficient. Nothing is what it seems when the real decisions [...]

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