I will not stand idly by

2017-11-19T22:45:06+01:00Sun, 19th Nov '17, 22:45|

We cannot have another woman in public life demonised and dehumanised for the convenience of the Labour Party until someone decides it is fine to kill her. We cannot allow women to be intimidated from leadership in our community. We need more women to take on a public role because at least part of the [...]

Isn’t it ironic?

2017-11-19T21:53:30+01:00Sun, 19th Nov '17, 21:49|

When Labour first came into power in 2013, it introduced a Whistle-blower Act to protect people who speak up and reveal corruption. It looked good at the time and as callous politicians never mind doing, they had no qualms about writing into law what they intended to ignore. When they seek to silence Jonathan Ferris [...]

PN needs to get real

2017-11-19T21:14:22+01:00Sun, 19th Nov '17, 19:33|

Joseph Muscat continues to consolidate his grip on power. That power is fed by popular support which, like the crowds cackling around the guillotine, intimidates opposition and resistance. But what strengthens Labour apparently beyond any hint of vulnerability is the fact that there is no formal opposition in front of it to speak of. It [...]

G Farrugia Calleja: You can’t do that

2017-11-19T18:00:41+01:00Sun, 19th Nov '17, 18:00|

From guest writer George Farrugia Calleja: While walking past the Malta Labour Party club in Republic Street last Thursday evening, commemorating Daphne Caruana Galizia a month after her assassination, a bottom-feeding troll in the balcony grunted loudly enough that “hemm ser jibqa’” (‘he’s [Joseph Muscat] there to stay’). Muscat himself echoed this on Sunday morning, [...]

“I centri occulti della politica”

2017-11-19T17:53:56+01:00Sun, 19th Nov '17, 17:53|

David Casa spoke yesterday at a civil society event where Romanian veteran civil society activist Monica Macovei spoke about changes brought about in her country by resistance to abuse of power by elected governments. Macovei's speech, her story and the answers to the questions she was asked are full of lessons and I do not [...]

“We burn you alive”

2017-11-19T11:11:43+01:00Sun, 19th Nov '17, 11:11|

Emmanuel Navarro, bless him, posted in reference to Roberta Metsola's remarks that she should not need to defend herself from the accusation of being a traitor. She argued it is no treason to criticise your government: it is a patriotic duty, particularly when faced with the sort of consequences the exercise of fundamental rights and [...]

Would you pay for a university program run by a business that writes like this?

2017-11-19T10:19:30+01:00Sun, 19th Nov '17, 10:19|

This is the company profile on the official website of the Sadeen Group of Jordan, developers of the white elephant that is the 'American University of Malta'. Here's a screenshot: The language is atrocious. A google translation from the original Arabic would have almost certainly been better. It would be unacceptable for your average Middle [...]

Ignoring the rules

2017-11-19T09:32:16+01:00Sun, 19th Nov '17, 10:00|

I wrote about Michela Spiteri's appointment as arbiter in the Consumer Claims Tribunal. That's not her first iced bun of course. She is also an adjudicator in the Small Claims Tribunal. She had got that job a few days shy of the last general election. Daphne had written about that. Now the breakdown of the [...]

Striscia Rossa: Malta, the loneliness after the crime

2017-11-19T09:44:39+01:00Sun, 19th Nov '17, 09:44|

The Italian blogosphere is awash with commentaries about Malta's state of affairs after Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed. The general tone is a sense of vindication. Many Italian commentators are interpreting the bombings as a confirmation of long held suspicion that under the polished sheen of a Maltese paradise lies something more sinister that has [...]

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