Norman Lowell goes on a pilgrimage

2017-11-27T17:09:46+01:00Mon, 27th Nov '17, 17:09|

Norman Lowell went on a trip to Bavaria on what he describes as a "spiritual and political pilgrimage". He peered from the mountain top views enjoyed by his "hero" Adolf Hitler. Then he posed with a bust of Adolf Hitler and smiled inanely like some people pose with a wax replica of the pope at [...]

Will Keith Schembri ignore the European Parliament again?

2017-11-27T14:39:03+01:00Mon, 27th Nov '17, 14:39|

Keith Schembri should accept the invitation of the European Parliament’s delegation coming to Malta this week to answer their questions on what he knows about corruption and money laundering. He has already twice dodged the PANA committee on two visits, causing embarrassment to the his boss the prime minister, the government he leads, the party [...]

G Leone Ganado: The Egrant questions

2017-11-27T08:58:07+01:00Mon, 27th Nov '17, 08:58|

By Godfrey Leone Ganado, who here reminds us of the many outstanding questions on the third Panama company and asks some new ones. The two declarations of trust dated 20 August 2015, which were in the kitchen-safe at Pilatus Bank as alleged by whistle-blower Maria Efimova, are both allegedly held by the subscribers to the [...]

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