By resident guest George Farrugia Calleja:

In the very same week when allegations surface about how assorted MLP ministers did their level best to scrape up every single vote going by providing job after job after job in every single enterprise where you could find their sticky fingers, MaltaToday obligingly broke a “story” about how, five years and more ago, PN politicians had made suggestions that certain people be employed at Wasteserv.

How convenient for Joseph Muscat.

He can now come over all prissy and innocent and call on Beppe Fenech Adami to stand down as chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. Of course he must, sending an email more than five years ago is such a heinous crime, way way worse than actually employing hundreds of people less than a year ago.

Or selling off hospitals for a euro, and paying shady characters to run them and letting the same shady characters sell on the same hospitals, in the meanwhile creaming off bucket-loads of euros.

Or going into obscure multilayered deals to provide power generation facilities that beggar belief in their complexity and fail to convince as to the need for them at all.

Or selling passports by the job-lot, without even pretending to exercise even a pale imitation of due diligence.

Or feeding in to the already over inflated ego of his “volunteer of the year” wife with our money.

Or keeping in office Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri in the face of evidence of financial shenanigans that at best are redolent of a smell of fish rotting from that place where fish are said to rot.

Or pandering to the whims and fancies of property developers and high rise speculators.

Or not doing anything about Pilatus Bank, another institution that stinks like a container-load of rancid herring left to bake in the sun for a month.

Or letting the regime’s cronies threaten journalists with financial ruin if they don’t shut up.

Or doing bugger all really to satisfy us about who ordered the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia and why.

How convenient MaltaToday’s story was for Joseph Muscat.

At least, the man behind it spared us the hypocrisy of standing in protest outside Parliament just over four months ago. With a few honourable exceptions, the heroic ladies & gentlemen of the press there on that day have in the main gone back to their comfy lives of regurgitating DOI press-releases and hobnobbing with the rich and powerful.