The Guardian marks the beginning of a regulatory investigation into the supervision of Pilatus Bank. The European Banking Authority is acting on requests from the European Commission and the European Parliament.

Because that’s what regulators do when they receive reports of alleged wrong doings in an organisation within their competence. They look into them. They don’t do like Lawrence Cutajar and say the evidence that a journalist has published is not conclusive and should therefore not be investigated further. If it were conclusive we would not need no policemen  or regulators. Journalists could do the job for them.

What happens in the real world when wrong doing is alleged is it is investigated, looked into by independent bodies with the power and the duty to do so.

The Guardian also reports on the law-suit filed against Daphne Caruana Galizia by Pilatus Bank last May and withdrawn hours after her killing.

In the meantime Pilatus Bank was also featured on Michele Santoro’s Rai 3 show yesterday. Here’s the clip.