By someone known to me:

It is difficult to describe the four months since Daphne’s assassination. I knew her and am privileged to have done so. I did not know her well. She was not a friend, more of an acquaintance. Our paths crossed fleetingly several times – none had anything to do with politics or crime or corruption. In each instance she revealed a caring human side that empathised with those who may not have been as blessed as she was. She was a determined lady who did her bit to right that wrong. Only those who knew her beyond her writings saw what a wonderfully empathetic and caring lady Daphne was. I admired her sense of appreciation for those who helped her and her dedication to causes where she knew she could make a difference.

After the shock and disbelief of that horrible, horrible day in October, I thought that time would heal – in the same way as it becomes easier to accept the death of a close family member. And you move on.

I don’t know her that well and yet I have been unable to move on. I didn’t create this state of mind. It just is. I cannot smile and laugh heartily. To do so would belie the feeling deep inside of me as if it is insulting to Daphne. 4 months on and I still feel this way. Not a moment goes by where I do not question this feeling. Question what I am doing here. Question who would have the guts to order the execution. Question why so few around me seem to share this feeling. Why?

Daphne uncovered the truth that is our worst fear. The pillaging of a country by those who hoodwinked an electorate into trusting them with their dirty hands on our assets. Not once but twice. She was a lone voice in the wilderness. So few were watching or wanted to listen. Fewer still now.

I look around me at people carrying on with their lives. Any attempt to discuss the assassination is met with a sense of annoyance or helplessness. The whole world appears to ‘get it’. The major news agencies, world and community leaders, the EU. But in Malta?

The feeling is like watching a loved one being brutalised and everyone just looking away, while you tear yourself apart with anguish as you are virtually held back from reacting. A false move and you will be targeted. No one is listening. No one seems to care. And the crowd bays for more.

The perpetrators grin as they get away with the looting, the rape and the violence. Their supporters egging them on and defending them. They feel safe. They are in control and they control the minds of the majority. Facebook is like manna from heaven for them – they mastered it and they now control the minds of the many. They understand their basic human hunger for money and they give them morsels. The crowds are grateful – and will excuse any form of corruption. They defend it lest the morsels disappear. When the morsels disappear it may be too late.

Does anyone care?

In the 80’s people cared but life was simpler then. We did not have the privilege of information overload and information mastery. We fought for our basic needs behind a leader who understood and related to the basic tenets of democracy. We fought a bloody battle and eventually we won. Not for ourselves but for our children and our nation. For everyone not for the few. The few fought for everyone – and made no distinction when democratic rights once again flourished.

And yet, here we are in 2018. The lone voice of democratic rights assassinated and those demanding what is right in the very small minority. Nobody cares and everyone appears to have given up. We have a serious leadership vacuum and the corrupt gang are drunk on their success. They seem to have an unending lucky streak. But is it luck?

Some of us will continue to fight for justice and hope that there are enough decent people out there to make a difference – just as Daphne did. It looks bleak and helpless but eventually the truth will out – in spite of the indifference – and justice will be done.

It has to. The alternative is a hell for generations to come. And the weakest will be those who will suffer most.

Her immortal last words “There are crooks everywhere you look now. The situation is desperate.”. Wake up Malta.

#JusticeForDaphne #JusticeForMalta”