It can be trying to hear people admit the only reason they cannot bring themselves to be angry about the government’s corruption is that the explanation on how they do it is too complicated and they’re too jaded, too tired, too distracted to understand.

More people than ever accept as a given that Joseph Muscat is presiding over a corrupt empire of self-interest. More people than ever recognise that Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi are not public administrators, but pirates.

And nothing learnt up to now compares with the realisation of what happened with the Vitals hospitals deal. Reality is dimly starting to dawn on people. They are starting to understand what secret Panama accounts are for. They are starting to understand where the millions in deposits Schembri, Mizzi and the Egrant owner promised bankers in documents revealed by the Panama Papers would come from.

And people are starting to understand that they are paying for this directly. Read this crisp and clear manual to understand the hospitals scandal by Kristina Chetcuti.

This is where you understand that 70 million euro of tax money have already been paid to VGH for nothing. Nothing. On top of that they are reselling all the hospital equipment worth millions and paid for over many years from tax money which they were given for free. For nothing. Nothing. You will never know how much they sold this for and you will never recover anything from what you spent to give it to VGH from what they get when they sell it to someone else.

Your tax money will spend the next 30 years paying them to run Gozo General and Karin Grech Hospitals. A 100 years for St Luke’s. But when the contracts for Gozo General and Karin Grech run out your tax money will fork out all the rent they paid until then and give it back to them with interest. So you’re actually giving the hospitals away for nothing. Nothing.

To who? We know who 70% of Vitals are. 30% of the ownership is hidden. You don’t know who you’re paying your money to. But you’re starting to realise.

Experts told The Sunday Times they have never seen a more absurdly one sided contract in all their careers. This is careful speak for the glaring implication that whoever negotiated on behalf of government was more concerned with the interests of the other side.

The Sunday Times’ leader calls this “madness”. There can no longer be any pretense any of this was in the public interest. This is for the profit of a few people — some of whom you’ve heard of and some of whom you’re starting to work out. And you’re paying for it. All of it.

They get rich. You pay. But worse you also get sick and no one spends a penny to provide you, your children and your children’s children with proper health care.

This is a crime perpetrated on your children. Can you let this go on?