Three men have been behind bars for just shy of three months now. They are believed to have placed a bomb in the car of Daphne Caruana Galizia and detonated it to kill her fulfilling a contract commissioned by someone else.

We do not know who that someone else is.

At least one of those three was spoken to by someone and paid or promised something by them to perpetrate this vile crime.

If, as it appears, they were involved in her assassination they deserve punishment. But justice on this earth is imperfect and we have to make choices. If one of them or more turn state’s evidence we can find the brains behind this crime and punishing them is more important.

These lowlifes will not testify out of the goodness of their black hearts. They will expect reward and that will involve some form of easing of punishment or even immunity for turning state’s evidence.

We’re told these three have not said a word.

I know government spokesmen have been nudging and winking at journalists to let them think the three criminals have been offered some sort of deal. It’s all consistent with the ‘leave no stone unturned’ narrative. But we have not been given a clear and explicit declaration on whether an offer of immunity or partial pardon has been put to them.

Well, have the government offered a deal or not?