We don’t need another hero

2018-07-17T17:14:03+02:00Tue, 17th Jul '18, 17:14|

There has been some discussion on the comments boards of this blog about the nature of fascism and whether the unpleasantness around us fits that description. There are no goose-stepping armies and Poland is not likely to be partitioned soon. That much is certain so you may want to find other names for what is [...]

Saving trees from cardboard posters

2018-07-17T10:45:30+02:00Tue, 17th Jul '18, 10:45|

Let’s be clear about this. The government’s action to remove protest banners moments after they are put up on the basis of planning or environmental laws it habitually ignores in all other cases is the illegal abuse of basic civil rights. Yesterday an angry and annoyed man was filmed going down Saqqaja Road removing small [...]

MFSP takes out an insurance

2018-07-17T10:10:12+02:00Tue, 17th Jul '18, 10:10|

MFSP, the investment management company that handled large deposits from Keith Schembri without checking where he got the money from appears to be managing the risk it may be forced to close down. It has already been punished significantly by the anti-money laundering agency, the FIAU, who has imposed fines on MFSP though, interestingly, not [...]

Petra Caruana: Vigil for Truth and Justice

2018-07-17T09:20:47+02:00Tue, 17th Jul '18, 09:20|

The following is the speech by Petra Caruana delivered at yesterday's vigil in Valletta: Good evening everyone, my name is Petra I was a friend and great admirer of Daphne. Through her courage, integrity, work and stories, Daphne has taught me many lessons. One of my fondest memories of Daphne is sitting in her living [...]

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