Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

2018-07-10T18:03:44+02:00Tue, 10th Jul '18, 18:03|

I suppose, for some, a football World Cup with England in the final four and Italy outside the starting 36 is enough evidence of civilisational collapse. But even thinking that is like starting a funereal eulogy with a joke and getting no chuckles.  Even in the glory of summer, the free flowing beer, the football, [...]

G Leone Ganado: What’s a PEP?

2018-07-10T06:18:05+02:00Tue, 10th Jul '18, 06:18|

Godfrey Leone Ganado here reacts to the government's appeal from a court order to have Justine Caruana's husband, Silvio Valletta, run the investigation, such as it is, into the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The first court ruled Silvio Valletta is "politically exposed" which is a polite way of saying he sleeps with someone who is heavy invested in the [...]

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