Has the PN run out of lawyers?

2018-07-26T22:08:25+02:00Thu, 26th Jul '18, 19:09|

They used to say the PN was a party of lawyers. I suppose that is why sometimes I get mistaken for one. But even if most of the old-timers have been chased away, it is surprising how far Adrian Delia has gone to recruit lawyers for party business. Today's court protest against the Attorney General's [...]

Putting it behind us?

2018-07-26T13:53:07+02:00Thu, 26th Jul '18, 13:53|

  I understand people who would rather just put things behind them. Egrant has been in our vocabulary for two years. There have been protests, an election out of its time blamed on the crisis, very, very harsh words. Then a journalist was killed, and apart from the people who have acid for blood, most [...]

Top Comment: Would I lie to you baby?

2018-07-26T13:23:33+02:00Thu, 26th Jul '18, 13:23|

Sent in earlier by Joe Bloggs reacting to comments about the credibility of witnesses. The only comment that needs to be made about this charade is, the Panama Papers Seven’s credibility hinges on Mossack Fonseca’s, Nexia BT’s and Pilatus’s honesty, inclination to keep complete records and not engage in backdating, forgery or subterfuge. It is [...]

GUEST POST: The consequences of today, tomorrow.

2018-07-26T13:14:26+02:00Thu, 26th Jul '18, 13:14|

By Amy Mallia: Malta has fallen upon dark times and it has been a long time coming. The dark cloud started looming over Malta around the time of the 2013 general election, when the Labour Party were voted into government and Joseph Muscat took Lawrence Gonzi's place as Prime Minister. That was only the beginning. [...]

Mossack Fonseca did not know who 75% of their clients were. Did we rely on their staff to identify Egrant?

2018-07-26T13:01:28+02:00Thu, 26th Jul '18, 13:01|

When the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists first broke the Pulitzer-wining story on the Panama Papers, Mossack Fonseca attempted to survive. It wanted to persuade its clients to stay on with them and to survive the crisis by simply changing the name of the intermediary they worked with. By way of example, Nexia BT in [...]

Adjectives give you away

2018-07-26T09:17:33+02:00Thu, 26th Jul '18, 09:17|

Since about last Friday everytime Joseph Muscat and those who work for him referred to Magistrate Aaron Bugeja, they added the adjective 'independent' in front of his name. No one throws a redundant adjective for nothing. They could have called him 'bipedal', 'law graduate', 'clothed'. All are as obvious as his independence. In that adjective [...]

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