FIAU says David Casa must be punished

2018-07-23T19:40:19+02:00Mon, 23rd Jul '18, 19:38|

The Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, that has just been heavily admonished by the European Banking Authority as a joke and a poor excuse for a law enforcement agency, has threatened David Casa with criminal action. Ladies and gentlemen, we can no longer say this is fascism without the goose-steps. A government statement is now dangling [...]

Innocent as fuck

2018-07-23T16:14:26+02:00Mon, 23rd Jul '18, 16:08|

Here Adrian Delia. Sit back and watch your mate gloat. Konrad Mizzi made a brief ‘address to the nation’ on the official Tourism Ministry to lie and smiling while he lies. He says the inquiry spoken about by the prime minister — and not yet published — exonerated him and shows up that what Daphne [...]

Not so unanimous after all

2018-07-23T15:44:02+02:00Mon, 23rd Jul '18, 15:42|

Members present and voting at yesterday's administrative council of the PN supported Adrian Delia's decision to fire Simon Busuttil. But two members were absent one out of protest. Both made public statements to clarify they are opposed to the decision to dismiss Simon Busuttil. Here's Graham Bencini: And here's Mario Rizzo Naudi:   In the [...]

Getting in line

2018-07-23T14:35:47+02:00Mon, 23rd Jul '18, 14:33|

So far 7 MPs have declared their support for Adrian Delia's decision to fire Simon Busuttil. And 9 have declared their opposition to the idea saying the decision is not being taken in their name. Ten MPs have not yet declared themselves. The latest to join the dissenters objecting to the dismissal of Simon Busuttil [...]

Former PN President: I will vote against motion to remove Simon Busuttil

2018-07-23T12:26:54+02:00Mon, 23rd Jul '18, 12:26|

Paula Mifsud Bonnici makes an interesting point. If Simon Busuttil has to resign for asking Joseph Muscat to give account of the corruption his government was and is mired in, then the entire Nationalist Party should. Including many in yesterday's administrative council meeting who called for Simon Busuttil to leave. After all, and this appears [...]

Civil society activists’ statement: Our country is approaching dark times

2018-07-23T11:07:16+02:00Mon, 23rd Jul '18, 10:56|

Statement by civil society organisations earlier today: #occupyjustice and Awturi are very worried that a political alliance has formed between the government and the opposition. A political alliance that is ensuring the truth remain hidden and that justice isn’t served. Yesterday, this alliance was unreservedly solidified by the declarations of opposition leader Adrian Delia. It [...]

Mario Demarco: #not in my name

2018-07-23T10:46:00+02:00Mon, 23rd Jul '18, 10:46|

Yesterday I wrote that Adrian Delia has not just put a challenge to Simon Busuttil. He has thrown down the gauntlet to all PN MPs, MEPs, officials, activists, members and voters. They need to decide and can no longer afford to be ambiguous in the interests of some mythical unity. The members of the administrative [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Outside the imagined community

2018-07-23T09:24:38+02:00Mon, 23rd Jul '18, 09:24|

This is my article published in yesterday's The Sunday Times. I handed this in before the Friday deadline. Of course, the people's interest, and mine was elsewhere by Saturday when we were told by the government it was getting ready to tell us what it wanted us to know about Egrant and so on. But [...]

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