Met someone at a party

2018-07-16T22:57:28+02:00Mon, 16th Jul '18, 22:57|

Joseph Muscat was at his wife's all white fundraiser a few days ago and had to make conversation. Here's one chat he struck up. Madame goes by the name of Tatyana Malinova. Here are some of her Instagram pictures. Хороший был вечер ? About last night ? Party it’s good but football more important ???? [...]

#occupyjustice: Red Cards

2018-07-17T07:53:35+02:00Mon, 16th Jul '18, 22:32|

  The following is the statement by #occupyjustice at their action at Castille today: The World Cup of Corruption The football World Cup may be over, but here in Malta the World Cup of Corruption is still ongoing.  We still have three key players who have been shown the red card over and over, yet [...]

Second Pilatus Bank director being indicted in the United States

2018-07-16T14:24:55+02:00Mon, 16th Jul '18, 14:24|

Mustafa Cetinel, still at present a director of Pilatus Bank, is being indicted in the United States federal courts after an FBI investigation. In April, the Financial Times reported that Mustafa Cetinel had been investigated by the FBI, but no news of an indictment has emerged since. A physical inspection of the records at the [...]

Divvy up

2018-07-16T12:41:25+02:00Mon, 16th Jul '18, 12:39|

Times of Malta has been carrying a series of stories about public procurement that should, under normal circumstances, be raising serious alarm. The almost universal indifference to wrongdoing is just what allows the government to ignore rules or to turn them round to seem like they are following them while they really frustrate the reason [...]

The Prime Minister’s commute

2018-07-16T11:57:32+02:00Mon, 16th Jul '18, 11:57|

On his way to work this morning, Joseph Muscat would have driven by these notes left for him by Il-Kenniesa. Just in case they were taken down before his drive, here they are for another view.

U ejja, come on …

2018-07-16T11:50:16+02:00Mon, 16th Jul '18, 11:50|

Jonathan Ferris lost his job a year and a month ago. You will remember Edward Scicluna, before his famous last known words ‘u ejja come on’, telling the camera he wondered if the FIAU reports into Pilatus Bank ‘were written to be leaked’. Less than a week later Jonathan Ferris and Charles Cronin were told [...]

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