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2018-07-31T16:27:35+02:00Tue, 31st Jul '18, 16:27|

The government were fuming with fury yesterday because a UK House of Commons inquiry cited this blog as a source of information. It got to the point where they made formal diplomatic representations with the UK government telling them to admonish their MPs (Labour, Tory and SNPs) for being so gullible as to take on [...]

When a Mossack Fonseca agent refused to backdate documents fearing calligraphists discovering a fraud

2018-07-31T14:00:15+02:00Tue, 31st Jul '18, 14:00|

When Mossack Fonseca was caught by the ICIJ leaks it went into a frantic campaign to cover its tracks. It had no idea who most of its clients were because of course that was the idea for their business. Criminals and corrupt politicians could hide their money in companies registered by Mossack Fonseca in Panama [...]

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