Saved from the waters

2018-07-09T06:10:53+02:00Sun, 8th Jul '18, 20:35|

Yes she after all might mean well, though we’re entitled to doubt that. But there has never been a more insensitive time for the prime minister’s wife to go on a swim and take with her enough security detail and press cameras to launch a new lunar landing. We now have a very complicated relationship [...]

Keep your trousers on

2018-07-08T08:53:46+02:00Sun, 8th Jul '18, 08:53|

I’m not sure if Joseph Muscat is into historical analogies but when people go into Napoleonic psychosis they do tend to twist little details they remember from their history and transform them into prophesies predicting their own glory. Either because of that or because Joseph Muscat has been having a special sort of dream at [...]

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