Not so artful

2018-07-19T16:38:06+02:00Thu, 19th Jul '18, 16:38|

Watch Edward Scicluna melt in front of the microphones of the press and a glorified microphone-stand working for the Labour Party. There’s a complete and utter absence of any form of logic in his response. First, the questions put to him did not accuse the FIAU but the police for failure to act on FIAU [...]

GUEST POST: Letter from a reader

2018-07-19T12:16:49+02:00Thu, 19th Jul '18, 12:16|

I have been following you for a couple of months now. Since the tragic demise of Daphne Caruana Galizia, I struggled to find a newspaper or blog that transpired the real situation in Malta. I read her blog once and since then followed her avidly. She was the only light that in a very dark [...]

MONEY: The resident ghosts

2018-07-19T08:03:28+02:00Thu, 19th Jul '18, 08:03|

This is my article published in this month's Money magazine.   The resident ghosts Not much information is provided by the government on the sale of citizenship. But in an interview with an industry magazine recently they did say sales are on the increase and now they’re handling an average of 20 applications a week. [...]

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