Adrian Delia charges backward

2018-07-30T19:53:57+02:00Mon, 30th Jul '18, 19:53|

Someone told me it was a reasonably good line, so I’m throwing it to you again in case you missed it the first time. Adrian Delia wants to win at chess, but he’s just lost at tic tac toe. Adrian Delia went premature last Sunday thinking this was the time to rid himself of Simon [...]

When the government do not like the findings of an inquiry

2018-07-30T19:36:01+02:00Mon, 30th Jul '18, 19:30|

The way the government are behaving is making things quite dangerous for people they perceive to be in their way. And this is not some incidental consequence. It is targeted malice. Take for example the posters set up this morning calling Daphne Caruana Galizia a crook, eight months since she was blown up in a [...]

UK National Crime Agency asked to investigate Henley & Partners’ work in Malta with Cambridge Analytica’s mother company

2018-07-30T09:05:57+02:00Mon, 30th Jul '18, 09:05|

The UK Parliamentary Committee investigating fake news and the use of data and darks ads in elections asked the British National Crime Agency to examine the association between Henley and Partners and Cambridge Analytica’s mother company SCL elections. This website reported how Alexander Nix, the former boss of Cambridge Analytica and SCL, was in Malta [...]

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