The line is drawn

2018-07-22T23:03:44+02:00Sun, 22nd Jul '18, 23:03|

All those trolls writing for Adrian Delia over the last months warning critics they are bringing about a split of the party are seeing their prophecies fulfilled but not quite the way they expected them. It had to be Adrian Delia to do it after all. He has brought the divisions of the party to [...]

Another speech rehearsed for months

2018-07-22T14:46:38+02:00Sun, 22nd Jul '18, 14:44|

Premature ejaculation appears to be a common affliction among politicians. Adrian Delia’s o-face was all over TV. For a few minutes. Follow the logic: One: The report has not been published in full, and the PN wants it published in full so we can determine the truth. Two: Simon Busuttil must resign. I asked him [...]

One thousand five hundred pages

2018-07-22T12:00:59+02:00Sun, 22nd Jul '18, 12:00|

In a completely controlled setting Joseph Muscat delivered an extraordinary performance this morning. His MPs looked like zombies. They were either nursing a collective hangover after a big late bash last night, or they didn't believe him. But he looked his best. The prime minister delivered a speech he has been rehearsing for 15 months, [...]

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