The planner who makes money from property development

2018-07-13T09:44:20+02:00Fri, 13th Jul '18, 09:44|

Matthew Pace is one of Keith Schembri’s bankers. He is one of the surviving directors of MFSP and has handled Keith Schembri’s deposits from mysterious sources conveniently neglecting to ask questions on provenance and cleaning them through an amenable Bank of Valletta. Read more on that here. Matthew Pace is squatting and holding up [...]

With a tie like that …

2018-07-13T09:19:11+02:00Fri, 13th Jul '18, 09:19|

I kick myself as I do this. I'm qualified to be no one's image consultant. If I were, I'd do well to be my own. But have you seen Owen Bonnici's tie as he was running the gauntlet in Leeuwarden yesterday? Did he think it would disarm the artists in the audience?

Reputational laundry

2018-07-13T09:01:19+02:00Fri, 13th Jul '18, 09:01|

Hugo Chetcuti died from complications from the wounds he suffered in a stabbing attack a few days earlier. And on cue the outpouring of grief on social media. Some with the obvious: he didn’t deserve to die this way. Of course not. No one does. No one is qualified to dispense death as judgement on [...]

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