Passport hopping

2018-07-18T11:42:02+02:00Wed, 18th Jul '18, 11:42|

Henley & Partners expansion strategy appears to focus on satellite countries in Russia’s orbit. Its recent entry into Moldova follows quickly on Henley’s expansion of its portfolio to include Kazakhstan. Marco Gantenbein from Henley with Chiril Gaburici Moldovan Economy Minister Selling Moldovan and Kazakh passports may not be the intuitive choice for passport [...]

The muted mandarin

2018-07-18T09:51:58+02:00Wed, 18th Jul '18, 09:49|

When Labour came to power in 2013, they put the civil service to the guillotine putting all but two of its top managers out to pasture. The top civil servant and almost all ‘permanent’ secretaries were removed in one of the first government initiatives that would demonstrate the utter contempt this government would show to [...]

Edward Scicluna’s candlelight supper

2018-07-18T09:40:02+02:00Wed, 18th Jul '18, 09:39|

Edward Scicluna is fighting for his political skin. His article in today’s Times of Malta is an attempt at survival by resorting to some classic right-wing Labour rhetoric of ‘my country right or wrong’. It took him some time to say it because of the residual embarrassment that comes with education and the majority of [...]

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