Hey Saviour, I’m back!

2018-07-09T18:26:32+02:00Mon, 9th Jul '18, 18:26|

Saviour Balzan appears to have missed me while I was away. In an unsigned piece on Illum of a couple of Sundays ago he expressed his anguish that he wasn't seeing new posts on this website. Must have been a long couple of weeks for him. Really one finds one has admirers in the unlikeliest [...]

Covering stab wounds

2018-07-09T18:05:08+02:00Mon, 9th Jul '18, 18:05|

This The Malta Independent editorial is exasperated with PN media coverage. It compares it to propaganda from Russian communist times which is fair to say is not intended as praise. Now the PN has had its own media for many decades. Its newspapers have distributed the party’s voice and never pretended to be anything but [...]

GUEST POST: A fool’s paradise

2018-07-09T09:31:13+02:00Mon, 9th Jul '18, 09:31|

Sent in a few days ago. Written by someone known to me: Some days I awake to thoughts of  "what would it have been like had the Mossack Fonseca servers not been hacked?"  Imagine. 17 Black, Hearnville, Tillgate and Egrant would have no meaning, no import, nada, exacto nada.  Panama would have remained that distant [...]

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