So we’re all talking about bullying now. If it were to serve some good end, like raising awareness about it, assessing how well equipped schools and parents are to fight it, helping people to teach their children how to manage it, how to detect it early, how to address it, that would be a good thing.

But we’re not doing any of that, are we? We’re confusing issues like the village gossips we tend to be. We exclude proper experts from the discussion, because what do they know? We brandish photos of specific children all over the internet causing them mortifying embarrassment and hanging them out to be bullied like never before. Can you imagine how much harder the back to school week is going to be this year for the Delia, Muscat and Busuttil children? (For clarity, I’m not referring to my Delia children).

Here we are describing the disappointment of a young lad for being left out of a birthday party as the “annihilation” of that child. Well not quite ‘we’. His mother described it as annihilation in a shivering rant all over Facebook. 

Here’s a typically angry, and right, Mario Vella, reminding all the headless chickens around what bullying is and what is not bullying.

The next day Nickie Vella de Fremeaux said we ‘misinterpreted’ her and she never meant to say her son was bullied.

Oh, come on. We can read, woman.

We can read, unlike all those hypocrites who served as Kurt Farrugia’s token women, remotely firing his cannonballs at Kristina Chetcuti for what she did not say. There was nothing close in what she wrote to what Justyne Caruana and Helena Dalli said she wrote.

There was no condoning of bullying, no ‘hatred’ for anybody’s children, no suggestion that anyone deserves bullying.

But there is schoolyard ganging up, gaslighting, the mobilisation of lies, false accusations, distortions and baseless aspersions. Kristina Chetcuti is no child. But bullying does not only happen to children. And it is being done to her now.

They hate her because they hate Simon Busuttil. They hate those he joins at monthly vigils asking for truth and justice. They hate what Daphne Caruana Galizia stood for. They hate her children whom they accuse of murdering their mother. They hate her family and friends. They hate anyone who is not them.

They hate anyone who is anywhere above their rock-bottom standard and foaming with the heat of the slime they wade through they call anyone outside it ‘holier than thou’.

In short, they hate.

And as a result, anyone else swimming in their slime, wherever they come from, becomes a friend.

Consider how of all people Nickie Vella de Fremeaux teams up with Marie Benoit and plans a fenkata served with gossip, complete with xxx.

Consider how she accepts an invitation to give an interview to it-Torċa from where she can join the common front coordinated by Kurt Farrugia in attacking the few people who come out to resist this wave of fascism that is washing over this country.

How have we leapt from Nickie Vella de Fremeaux’s son missing a birthday party, to his supposed annihilation, to people laying flowers on monthly vigils in Valletta? Of course, this happened courtesy of Nickie Vella de Fremeaux herself who did Labour the service of contorting the connection.

And you know, while we doubt our sanity; while we squint in our memory to try to remember how we hurt the Muscat and the Delia children when we lit a candle in Great Siege Square, the government is doing its own nefarious thing.

In a long hot summer of insanity, while everyone is looking away, the government is pushing through reams of regulations on blockchain and crypto-currency which few are reading, and no one is understanding. Before the first rain comes, Malta will be open for business in ‘virtual financial assets’ without any anti-money laundering provisions to speak of.

The party is on, and there will be no certificates and declaration of trusts to forge any signatures on anymore.

To make sure no one with a conscience complains, the regulation of the financial sector has been spirited away from Edward Scicluna into the hands of Keith Schembri at the OPM. The innocent lamb is now the guardian of the locks to the vault.

These use their children as bait and human shields. They squander their childhood and destroy their innocence and mobilise them as assets in their projects. They hurt their children and pin it on people who, were they not distracted denying what they never did, could catch them in the act of robbing the house we all have to live in.

I honestly do not know if Nickie Vella de Fremeaux and her husband Adrian Delia are conscious stockholders in the government’s conspiracy, but by allowing themselves to be used in benefit of its furtherance, they are making themselves look pretty useful to Joseph Muscat.

Does Adrian Delia think it-Torċa were being nice inviting his wife to an ‘exclusive interview’? Does he think Kurt Farrugia and so on really ‘like’ her posts because they like her? Or is he even so naive to think that many readers of it-Torċa are going to vote PN because they will buy into the idea that Daphne candle layers have been nasty to her?

Does Michelle Muscat go to in-Nazzjon to give an interview about Sai Mizzi?

There is only one thing worse than a two-party system: it’s a one-party system. Especially a one-party system of money-grabbing crooks assisted by egotistical maniacs starving for attention. And the only thing even worse than that? A one-party system of a society that no longer puts its children first.